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Innolytics® Team

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer

Founder and Managing Director

Innolytics® founder Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer is a trained police commissioner. He studied methods such as profiling, motivational research, and screening. As a member of a task force, he uncovered an international heroin cartel.

As an investigative journalist and Pro Seven Chief Reporter, he reported on the covert market research methods of US President Bill Clinton and dealt intensively with measuring the reach of modern media. Since 2006, he has advised more than 100 companies – including international corporations and leading SMEs – in the early stages of innovation activities.

He is the author of eight books on the subject and has a doctorate on the innovative capacity of companies. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer is the author of Harvard Business Manager and Manager magazine, and is a frequent speaker at events and congresses.

Henryk Mioskowski
Henryk MioskowskiHead of Open Innovation and crowdsourcing campaigns
Henryk Mioskowski combines his expertise as a long-standing workshop leader, innovation consultant, and book author with enthusiasm and conceptual thinking. He conducts open innovation and crowdsourcing campaigns online and offline. He led projects such as the Degussa Idea Realm. The combination of a crowdsourcing platform, presence workshops, method training, and a final event turned the project into a coherent and successful overall concept.
Dr. Steffen Adler
Dr. Steffen AdlerHead of statistical analyses and evaluations
Dr. Steffen Adler accompanies projects for the measurement and evaluation of complex user data as well as for the analysis of companies’ innovation culture. He specialises in obtaining innovative insights from large datasets. Dr. Steffen Adler has a PhD in the field of user centered design and has developed a novel measurement method for the identification of innovation opportunities. His passion is the development of future strategies for companies. He is the author of the book Wunschkunden-Business and architect of the software for desirable customers.
Andreas Huldisch
Andreas HuldischProject management and quality management
Andreas Huldisch is the contact person for customers carrying out projects with the Market Explorer. He sets up crowd insights/crowdsourcing platforms. He also supports the development of specific questionnaire sets, analysis rules and evaluations. Within the scope of projects, Andreas Huldisch ensures that customers receive prompt and precise solutions to technical and content-related questions. He holds a Master’s degree in communication and media studies, cultural studies, and a degree as an online marketing consultant (IHK).
Stefan Kilz
Stefan KilzCreative Production and Conception
Stefan Kilz is responsible for the graphical implementation of concept tests and crowdsourcing campaigns. He translates customer ideas into uniform testable concepts. His creative strength lies in translating complex messages into a way that interviewers can understand them quickly and easily. Sometimes these are information graphics, sometimes fictitious advertisements or complex brochures for possible future offers. Stefan Kilz is a trained industrial designer.
Alexandra Hamerla
Alexandra HamerlaMarket Research and Project Management
Alexandra Hamerla is a trained market researcher with several years of professional experience in large institutes. She is responsible for the development of specific questionnaire sets, analysis rules, and evaluations. Within the scope of projects, she ensures that customers receive prompt and precise solutions to technical and content-related questions. Alexandra Hamerla holds a Master’s degree in Empirical Communication and Media Studies.
Florian Schreiner
Florian SchreinerAccount Manager & Inbound Consultant
Florian Schreiner takes care of the initial setup and further support of Innolytics® software – from questions about settings in the backend to design adjustments of the platform to training of responsible persons on the customer side. With the help of various online tools such as Google Analytics, Xovi, HubSpot and WordPress, he also supports the company’s online presence.
Anja Hirschberg
Anja HirschbergReferentin der Geschäftsführung
Anja Hirschberg is the first point of contact and the organizational and communicative heart of Innolytics GmbH. She is in charge of the Leipzig location and is responsible for the overall organisation of the projects. Anja Hirschberg studied in Bremen before she managed several locations of the CineStar Group. She has been a member of the Innolytics GmbH team since its foundation, has a direct line to customers and is significantly involved in the development of the company.
Johanna Schießleder
Johanna SchießlederAccounting and Personnel
Passionate projects can only succeed on the basis of clean working structures. Since 2010, Johanna Schießleder has been responsible for all operational processes in the background, and is the first contact person for (almost) all questions and problems relating to accounting and financial issues. Prior to that, and for many years, she organised events for Germany’s largest cinema chain.