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Idea and innovation software for the digital age

Innovations are the basis for your company’s success. Digitisation changes your markets. You must continuously improve your processes and procedures. Get to know Innolytics®! The leading idea and innovation software for the digital age.

Innolytics Kundenbedürfnisse

Discover the opportunities of tomorrow’s markets!

Find out what your customers want tomorrow. Use the most modern innovation methods such as Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Co-creation.

Innolytics Ideen entwickeln

Develop successful innovations faster!

Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious. Innovation management software for the digital age. Multilingual. Highly flexible. For desktop, tablet and mobile use.

Innolytics Online-Marketing

Discover the Einsteins in your company!

Innolytics® Ideas – Idea management software and continuous improvement software, that you will love. Find out how employee ideas can be won and successfully implemented.

Innolytics Unternehmensanalyse

Implement innovations faster!

We support you in all aspects of the implementation of your software: through the scientifically based Innolytics® Audit and consulting for the design of your idea management and innovation management.

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Winning and successfully implementing employee ideas.

Get to know Innolytics® Ideas now!


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Innolytics® Publications on idea management and innovation management.

Whitepaper Ideenmanagement Mitarbeiterideen

Winning and successfully implementing employee ideas

Learn ways to activate the creative potential of your employees! Find out how you can profit from employee ideas in the best possible way!


Whitepaper Unternehmen Frontcover

Successfully implement innovations

What is the secret of innovative companies? How do they develop successful innovations? Find out in our study.


Current Projects

Strenger Gruppe

In a process lasting several months with Innolytics® GmbH, the prerequisites for collecting employee ideas were created. And to develop them into new products and processes in a targeted manner. In the process, goals for idea and innovation management were defined and various categories of ideas important for the company were developed. Important components of the process were the development of internal coordination processes, criteria for selecting ideas and creating the basis for an incentive system.

Market research and customer acquisition through Innolytics® Online-Marketing Software

Innolytics GmbH has developed a particularly effective customer analysis tool for a leading German insurer. Customers were offered a test with immediate evaluation. The customer received qualified data for customer acquisition and customer retention. The risk sport check comprised 25 questions and an individual risk profile was created for the users. The insurance company received qualified insights for market research and leads for customer acquisition.

ISPO Open Innovation Platform

Trade fairs rethought. With its technology and expertise, Innolytics GmbH supports ISPO in the development of disruptive business models for the trade fair industry: The platform brings together several tens of thousands of consumer experts and leading brands in the sports sector.


Customer platform of the S-Bahn Central Germany

Customer relationships redefined. From mid-September to the end of October 2016, S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland, Germany’s most modern regional public transport network, is calling on its passengers to submit proposals. Already in the first days of the campaign, more than 100 suggestions were received and the platform received a large local media response. Innolytics GmbH supports the DB Regio in all phases: From campaign planning and technical platform to online moderation.